Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quick Rant: Ugly "Journalism"

EDIT: This was written while the Phil Fish and "Annoyed Gamer" debacle was going down on Twitter. I was mostly upset by the comments about how developers should be grateful to journalists for covering their games and less upset about Phil getting bashed (because he retaliated in some not-so-good ways).

Let me begin by saying that no matter how successful a developer is, it's NOT okay to attack them; even if it's just "on the Internet".

To be honest, I'm not even sure what to say about how, today, Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow were disrespected by the latest Invisible Wall video at (source). They were essentially insulted and slandered for several minutes because they were tired of being called upon to comment on every little rumor solely due to their success as indie developers. Some people get tired and upset when they're bombarded by questions and asked to comment on every little thing. Of COURSE they'd eventually speak up about it. They're not journalists who always want to talk about the next big story. They're barely celebrities. They don't get PAID to comment on things. They get paid to make things--to make games that people like. So WHAT if they don't want to comment on everything that has to do with the industry. Especially rumors that are commented on, over and over and over again like the new generation of consoles.

But then, that's not even the issue or what I'm upset about. Who the fuck cares about that. I'm upset that after this happened and after Phil Fish got upset about someone BLATANTLY attacking him on the internet (who wouldn't be upset and take to twitter to vent?). I'm upset that the internet took this as an opportunity to just go crazy and start personally attacking him and--to a lesser extent--Blow on the internet. I mean what?! These people make great games. They dedicate so much time to making games that people will like and that can stand as pieces of art and then they get slandered and insulted for being successful?! Even if you don't like them as people, they're successful developers. And yet, as the "annoyed gamer" in the Invisible Wall video put it, Phil Fish and "Blowfish" should be grateful to journalists for promoting their games.

Let's think about that. The developer of a good game should be GRATEFUL when a journalist, whose JOB is to find games they like and promote/talk about them, promotes their game. Journalists (usually) don't choose to write about games out of the goodness of their heart. They choose good games so consumers get the greatest product or that drive the greatest number of hits. Phil and Jonathan aren't EVIL people, they're just outspoken developers; and even if you think they're assholes, you definitely shouldn't be insulting them publicly.

I'm personally insulted that this is the kind of place the industry has become. A place where successful developers can't be outspoken about their success and where journalists think that they are entitled to comments and time from developers just because they choose to promote their games. No game is ENTITLED to promotion by journalists and they're not "lucky" when they get promoted. Promotion happens to good games or to games that people like. Just like a journalist can refuse to promote a game, a developer should be able to refuse to give a journalist a story, or a comment without getting shit for it.

My heart goes out to Phil Fish for being insulted like this and if I ever make it into the limelight with my team, we're definitely going to make a change.

And that's my rant. My Surface is dying and I have to make some lunch.

Expect Greatness,
Ryan Huggins


  1. Oh. Looks like you're either oblivious as to why people dislike Phil, or are an apologist.

    Phil has insulted countless people of both the gaming circle and fans alike, thinking that his holier-than-thou poisonous persona is acceptable, and people like you make his point for him.
    His ONE game was an ok game, but even before Fez was released, he made himself look like the savior of video games.

    Anyway, idgaf about your views as much as you think about mine, but don't go protecting an asshole against other assholes. He dug his own grave. One ok game doesn't protect him from it.

  2. In my rant, I may be specifically defending Phil Fish, but my issue isn't that people don't like him; my issue is that people think it's okay to insult people just because they don't like them and that some journalists think that they're more important than the people who make the games they promote.

    Journalists and game developers are just as important as one another in a lot of ways. It's alright to think that Phil is a dick, it's not okay to attack people publicly anywhere and that goes for Phil Fish as much as anyone else.

    Also, I don't not give a fuck about your views because they are just as valid as mine.

  3. Great post, Ryan.


    "your views ... are just as valid as mine."

    Wrong. If you're posting anonymously on the internet, your opinions are invalid. If you won't even back up your own opinion, why the hell should I care about it? Grow up and put your name/face up with your views, or keep them to yourself.

    P.S. This is why Phil gets so much credit in my eyes. He may have had abrasive opinions, and may have been a little jerky to some people, but he did all of it knowing full well that it was public and attached to his name. He wasn't afraid to own his voice, and 99% of his aggressors were.